Flock Drone Art

Flock Drone Art offers an innovative experience, a new concept within the world of entertainment. The perfect union between art and technology.

State-of-the-art drones equipped with powerful lights that allow you to enjoy a 360º show with maximum safety and precision.

For some, the evolution of fireworks, for us much more.

Lighting the sky

We take brands to another level

Personalized shows for each project. Logos and figures of more than 100 meters

A show in your city

Shows by the citizens of the city and municipality

Drones for a very special day

The wedding is an unforgettable day, with a drone show even more so.

Customizable designs

The pixels are the drones and the sky is the canvas. Each project is unique to us.


Security is very important for shows, that’s why we have different layers of security.


In a context of climate emergency, sustainable alternatives must be sought in all sectors.

For all audiences

The shows are visible from 360º

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