Drone Show in Portugal

The first time that Flock Drone Art lands in Portugal with a very special drone show.

A drone show for a very special audience in Portugal

The Drone Show in Portugal had more than 18,500 attendees at the meeting that takes place every four years in Portugal. This year marks 100 years of Scouting in Portugal. During this week a multitude of scouts are mobilized at the ‘CNAE, Centro de Actividades Escutistas’ together with scouts from all over the world, among the countries with the most participation Israel and Brazil. During the week, the participants were able to enjoy multiple activities at the camp and the lake located next to it, as the temperatures posed a challenge for the meeting.

A small town equipped with a mobile hospital and supermarket for a week for 18,500 attendees that ended in a closing event with multiple concerts and international performances, as well as a drone show.

Here you can see the video of our drone show in Portugal.

And here we leave a short summary of the last day of the event: