Eco Show – by Flock Drone Art

Eco Show - Drone Art

Drone Ligh Show    •    by Flock Drone Art

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ECO is a luminous allegory of nature, a claim for respect for the environment that seeks to value environmental awareness and the need to preserve the world in which we live.

With 100 drones, Flock Drone Art has created a piece of light and technological art that, combined with a bespoke soundtrack and a narrative with a voiceover, takes the viewer on a magical journey through the natural wonders of the planet. Earth.

This drone show shows a choreography of 100 drones to the beat of music and sound effects forming figures up to 100 meters wide and visible 1 km away.

Whales, ancient trees, bees, birds of legend, giant flowers, in short, Flock represents all the biodiversity of the Earth for this show where he ends up throwing an important message: The Earth is unique, take care of it!

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