Drone Show in Barcelona


Flock Drone Art will premiere a Drone Show in Barcelona as part of the ISEA 2022 International Symposium.


The city of Barcelona will host the drone show of the company Flock Drone Art on Playa del Somorrostro, where 100 drones will fly synchronously over the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The music co-stars with the drones in a story that revolves around the idea of ​​Mother Earth.

The ISEA electronic arts festival is a traveling congress that has been circulating in different cities around the world since 1988 and will be in the city of Barcelona from 10 to 16 June, making it the capital of the electronic arts. The symposium will offer more than 350 activities as part of the largest media art exhibition ever held in Spain. Flock Drone Art will perform the Drone Show in Barcelona at the closing ceremony on June 15.

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