Drone Show in Gran Canaria

Flock Drone Art has performed a Drone Show on the island of Gran Canaria in an event organized by Volkswagen Canarias.

The event on June 3 was organized to celebrate the launch of the new sub coupe, a 100% electric car from the Volkswagen brand. The new model called ID.5 was presented at Playa de las Canteras in the city of Gran Canaria in an impressive show entitled ECO consisting of 100 drones flying in coordination in a luminous allegory of nature, a cry for respect for the environment. that wants to value environmental awareness and the need to preserve the world in which we live.

Thus, the event had two passes, one at 9:30 p.m. and at 10:30 p.m. where people could gather along the entire beach to watch this show that was accompanied by a custom-made soundtrack.

Whales, ancient trees, bees, legendary birds, giant flowers… are some of the figures that could be seen in the sky of Gran Canaria. And the final message is clear: The earth is a treasure, let’s take care of it.