Drone Show

Drone Show in Barcelona
Flock Drone Art will premiere a Drone Show in Barcelona as part of the ISEA 2022 International Symposium.   The city of Barcelona will host the drone show of the...
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espot publicitari de Zara amb un espectacle de drons
Flock Drone Art has been part of Zara’s new commercial with a drone show
Flock Drone Art has been part of Zara's new commercial with a drone show. A spectacular mix of light and color combined with a very elaborate scenery. Produced by Canada,...
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The company Flock Drone Art has won the international award for the best show of 100 drones.
This year a second edition was launched the Internacional competition organized by the company UGCS where it awarded the best Drone Shows held during this year 2021. More than 214...
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Atom the new drone show by Flock Drone Art
Atom is already here, the new show with drones by Flock Drone Art. An amazing work made with 50 drones that recounts the creation of matter and with it everything...
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